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Great value car insurance: extra free benefits, lowest deductibles



  • Lowest deductibles and extra benefits without having to pay extra premium!
  • Market leading benefits as standard
  • 10% additional savings on premium when bundled with Home Insurance

Car insurance

Comprehensive Third Party
Covers death or injury to third parties if you are at fault
Covers your legal liability for damage to other vehicles and property up to CI$10 million
Open Driving ability to lend your card to anyone with a valid drivers license (restrictions apply)
Cover whilst driving other vehicles
New car replacement up to 12 months after purchase
Accidental Death & Dismemberment insured and spouse up to CI$25,000
Accessories or Parts up to CI$750 for items such as stereo equipment
Keys and lock replacement if damaged or lost in the result of theft or attempted theft
Rental Car Cover in USA/Canada with vehicle damage cover of up to US$40,000 with no deductible (restrictions apply)
Alternative Vehicle Rental up to CI$250 per year
Windscreen Damage up to CI$1,500 without affecting your no claims bonus
Vehicle Removal up to CI$250 for vehicle protection following an accident

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